The Norman Factor: What’s In You Will Come Out Of You

“This book has real answers, provides real hope, to real trials and challenges.” (Jurgen Matthesius)

Discover seven keys to break through impossible circumstances, in The Norman Factor.

Crises happen to all of us. When we build our house on the Rock, we will be able to withstand the storm, but if we build on the sand, we will fall over.

In The Norman Factor you will discover that it’s not what happens to you, but it is what is living inside of you that will determine your breakthrough.

Build your life on God’s eternal principles. Whatever storm may come, you will stand.

Norman Williams survived the world’s worst ever airline disaster. Jedidja Borkent survived losing 5,5 litres of blood after child delivery. It took a fight to overcome as their lives were under attack. You can overcome too, and keep standing in the storms of life.

When you read The Norman Factor you will:

  • Read a page turner, following two stories of “impossible” breakthrough.
  • Learn that the impossible becomes possible with God.
  • Get to know seven Biblical keys to break through your own crises.
  • Learn to live from a position of victory.
  • Find an extensive practical guide with application questions for your best life.

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 “A manual for living the Christian life well” (Dean Ivey, Rivers Church, South-Africa)

“Powerful teaching on conquering impossible situations.” (Phil Pringle, C3 Church Founder)

Order the book.

Read more about Norman Williams.

Read the Foreword to the book, by Pastor Jurgen Matthesius (Awaken Church, San Diego).

Read a sample Chapter.

This book is not shallow. Its wisdom is from the depths, hauled back into the shallows with the skills of a sharp communicator to enable you to gain all access to the revelations it contains. Ian’s leadership lies on the thin line between faith and wisdom. His power is found in his consistency to remain there. It’s a rare place, so take notes often when reading this!

Dave Gilpin, Senior Pastor, Hope City Church, Sheffield, United Kingdom

We all have to face challenges that seem impossible at times. These situations can break us or make us. In “The Norman Factor” Ian Borkent is sharing how to become a mountain overcomer. Based on his own life experience, Ian presents practical yet very profound keys to succeed in life. This book could actually change the course of your life.

Thierry Moehr, Senior Pastor, C3 Church Lausanne, Switzerland