Foreword – by Jurgen Matthesius

Possibly the most frequently asked question in our post-modern, post-Christian generation is, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

Many see tragedy or difficulty as a challenging argument to the entire pretense of God being a “good” God! However, as one delves deeply into the Scriptures one discovers that God never promotes Himself as “God the preventionist.” Instead we discover a God who walks with us through the fire, a God who is present in the waters but one who when present, ensures we are not drowned nor burned. King David discovered a God who was present with him in his valley, where the shadow of death hung over him like a thick, wet, heavy blanket. David discovered that when he emerged from his valley he did so with the head of his would-be assassin, Goliath!

In this book, Pastor Ian Borkent takes us through a powerful personal story of how God does not prevent us from going through trials or from facing challenges. He shows us that in those times, what matters the most is pressing into God, and not running from Him, because God is an ever-present help in times of trouble! (Psalm 46:1)

When we draw near to God in our trials we begin to see His miraculous power flow, we feel the embrace of His loving arms, and we experience the overwhelming sense of His grace and mercy!

This story will move you. Not just emotionally, it will move you into a deeper connection and devotion to Jesus Christ and His plans and purposes for your life.

I have known Ian and his beautiful family for over a decade now. What you read in this book did not come from a seminary or theological institute but rather from the school of “life experiences!” They are the real deal. This book has real answers, provides real hope, to real trials and challenges. You will discover a real God, who will show Himself strong on your behalf!

Make yourself comfortable, disconnect from all distractions because as you turn the page and begin reading… your life as you know it until now is about to change.

Jurgen Matthesius
Lead Pastor
Awaken Church, San Diego