Norman Williams – The Story Behind The “Norman” Factor

The title of The Norman Factor has been derived from a name: Norman, and his incredible story of breakthrough.

Norman Williams was a Christian traveling on Pan American Airlines flight 1736 from Los Angeles to Las Palmas (Canary Islands). On March 27, 1977, his aircraft, a Boeing 747, collided with another Boeing 747 on the runway of Tenerife. 583 people were killed, which made it the worst aviation accident in history.

Out of all the passengers around him, Norman alone survived the inferno that incinerated the aircraft, miraculously. Even his clothing was entirely intact. Norman shared his testimony all over the world. You can hear recordings of it herehere and here. Or buy his own book, “Terror at Tenerife”, here.

Norman’s survival was not automatic. Had he not applied the keys God gave him, he believed he would not have survived. He needed to proclaim Scripture and praise God. He needed to stand on what the Word declared.

Likewise, Ian Borkent, the author of The Norman Factor found that applying the same keys Norman used, brought victory in the midst of an impossible situation – when his wife Jedidja Borkent nearly died after she gave birth to their daughter.

The Norman Factor will help Christians live prepared to break through impossible situations, of whichever nature. To everyone, crises will happen, but it is those who have built their house on the Rock, who will be able to stand in the storm.

The Norman Factor reads like a page turner ánd has an extensive practical guide, including life changing application questions – helping you live life above circumstances, based on the eternal principles of God’s word.

Eva Joy Borkent