Praise for “The Norman Factor” from Christian ministers and leaders around the world.

Ian & Jedidja are amongst the most faithful pastors. They are reporting regular stories of breakthrough in their church. This book, which contains powerful teaching on conquering impossible situations, needs to be read.

Ps Phil & Chris Pringle, Senior Ministers, C3 Church, Sydney, Australia

This book has real answers, provides real hope, to real trials and challenges. You will discover a real God, who will show Himself strong on your behalf! This story will move you. Not just emotionally, it will move you into a deeper connection and devotion to Jesus Christ and His plans and purposes for your life. Make yourself comfortable, disconnect from all distractions because as you turn the page and begin reading… your life as you know it until now is about to change.

Jurgen Matthesius, Lead Pastor, Awaken Church, San Diego, USA

This book is not shallow. Its wisdom is from the depths, hauled back into the shallows with the skills of a sharp communicator to enable you to gain all access to the revelations it contains. Ian’s leadership lies on the thin line between faith and wisdom. His power is found in his consistency to remain there. It’s a rare place, so take notes often when reading this!

Dave Gilpin, Senior Pastor, Hope City Church, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Having known and worked with Ian & Jedidja closely for well over 10 years now and having walked journeys together and seen their world from the inside, we can attest to the fact that they are the real deal. Ian has a remarkable way of living beyond himself, living a faith walk, and is extremely good at describing it in clear steps that help others to do the same. This book will inspire, challenge and equip you all at the same time.

Steve & Lizby Warren, Senior Pastors, C3 Church Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In “The Norman Factor”, Ian Borkent skillfully weaves together his personal journey with Biblical truth. His heart-rending stories will both astonish and stir you as you discover again that Christ can empower you to break through impossible situations and scale tremendous heights. Expect the unexpected in “The Norman Factor”.

John Finkelde, Founder, Grow a Healthy Church, Perth, Australia

We all have to face challenges that seem impossible at times. These situations can break us or make us. In “The Norman Factor” Ian Borkent is sharing how to become a mountain overcomer. Based on his own life experience, Ian presents practical yet very profound keys to succeed in life. This book could actually change the course of your life.

Thierry Moehr, Senior Pastor, C3 Church Lausanne, Switzerland

Ian Borkent is a man of immense character and conviction who serves God with passion and devotion. This book is a great testimony to his personal journey of faith and commitment to the purposes of God. The thoughts contained in these pages are not just good ideas but principles that have been tried and tested by countless men and women of faith, in all sorts of different circumstances. They stir faith, bring hope, allow for healing and restoration, and bring overwhelming victory to the lives of those who put them into practice. This book is a manual for living the Christian life well, and is a powerful tool to help equip the believer to run with endurance the race that God has set before them. Read it, digest it, apply it, and begin to live in God’s blessing, breakthrough, and victory!

Dean Ivey, Durban North Campus Pastor, Rivers Church, South Africa